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Annie Wells Biography

With her latest independently released recording, Lonely Hearts Club, Annie Wells continues to create irresistible music in a category all her own, this time defying not only being labeled by genre but even by era; her songs command a unique time space as she mixes contemporary influences with delightful touches of something yesteryear.

"A window frames the glowing spark," for the narrator of Miss Lonely Hearts as she chronicles romantic rituals unfolding for others "in a rear window view." It's a poignant nod to the Hitchcock classic because, much like James Stewart in Rear Window, the listener is drawn to peer through the window of each song and into the lives of characters experiencing love, grief and loneliness. Even as Wells takes on such difficult themes, many of these fresh tracks arrive with a surprising and infectious playfulness.

Lonely Hearts Club was produced by Ken Frank, who enlisted his brother Steve to contribute a sublime trombone. Wells' piano work, breathy vocals and Phil Marshall's sharp shooting guitar are supported by a muscular rhythm section with Ken Frank on bass and Chris Teal on drums.

Four of the songs were written by Marshall, three by Wells and one they wrote together (Johnny). Marshall added lyrics to jazz composer, Raymond Scott's tune, Coming Down to Earth. The 10 song recording also includes one by Colorblind James (I'm Never Gonna Hurt the Boy I Love) and one by David Ripton (Heroin and People).

Annie Wells has a passion for creating songs that travel both to the troubled places of the heart and to the light of hope. Scott Gudell of Freetime Magazine once wrote: "As an experienced story teller, she's constantly casting below the surface in search of deeper meanings." Annie's influences include Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell and Billie Holiday. Since she was 17 years old, Annie has delighted audiences with her sweet and soulful vocals and jazzy piano performances in venues large and small.

Reviews of her well received albums note the sophistication of her music and lyrics and the beauty of her voice.

View a video of Annie performing and being interviewed on RNews.


Annie Wells Tell Me CD

Listen to tracks from Annie Wells' newest release, "Lonely Hearts Club."

View a video of Annie performing and being interviewed on RNews.

“I think, for me, being able to create is psychologically necessary. I have an internal motivation to express myself, but I also want to present it in a way that people will connect with.”

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